Contemporary classic.

“Julia Keefe is a young jazz diva who has been turning heads with her sweet, sultry singing style and smooth scat runs.” -Spokane7.com

“Julia’s performance was flawless. It was a complete experience and honor to be there to witness it.” -Jerry McGinn

“I have a feeling that this was one of those concerts that people are going to look back on several decades from now and say to themselves, ‘I knew her then.’ She certainly has tons of talent and an obvious love for old jazz.” -Edward Piercy.

“Sweet, smooth vocals always get my attention and I’m a sucker for a well played vocal scat- thus my ears perked up when I first heard Julia Keefe of the Nez Perce Tribe. Her voice is of another era and stands out in this one as one of the only jazz songbirds in Indian Country.” -Christa Couture

“She doesn’t play a ton of gigs, so when Keefe… sings, it’s kinda a big deal.” -Pacific Northwest Inlander

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